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Za dobu své existence produkty Uncle Roy's získaly desítky ocenění v Evropě a v Americe, byly mnohokrát recenzovány i kulinářskými osobnostmi a magazíny, mj. Great British Food Magazine, The Guardian, The Sunday Post, The Independent nebo Cyrusem Todiwalou.

V Čechách je Uncle Roy's zatím úplnou novinkou, ale v budoucnu určitě přidáme i české recenze.


"Very nice; Great notes; Very unique and innovative - loved the heat on the finish"

American Speciality Foods Association - SOFI Awards (Chocolate Chilli Mustard !!!)


"astounding range of natural extracts and essences"

 Good Housekeeping Magazine.


''this stuff (Mustard Seed Oil) is mind-blowing! .... Plus the Essences - WOW!''

Cyrus Todiwala  (Asian Business of the Year) - Cafe Spice Namaste.


''I can't stop tasting it'' - Honey and Malt Whisky mustard

Mathew Fort, Food Critic, The Guardian.


''Amazing! Wonderful! Delicious!'' - Moffat Meadows

Paul Young, Celebrity Chef.


''Really Lovely'' - Wild Garlic Mustard

Billy Hartman, TV Personality, Emmerdale Farm.


''Oak Smokies - a kitchen must have!"

Hit the shops feature - Great British Food Magazine.


''Best ever!'' - Super Horseradish Sauce

Tom Parker Bowles - The Mail on Sunday.


''Great Innovation! Superb packaging! Flavours hit the button'' - Moffat Mustards

Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Awards.


''Dangerously Moreish'' - Earl Grey Mustard

Helen Mulley, Food Writer, Speciality Food Magazine.


''Uncle Roy's Gourmet Salts are serious, indispensable ingredients''

Gifts for Garden Centres Magazine.


''Extraordinarily Delicious'' - Ginger and Onion Mustard

Ross Finnie, MSP Minister for the Environment & Rural Affairs. 


''Very, Very nice'' - Tarragon and Dill Mustard

Clarissa Dickson-Wright, Food writer and TV Personality. 


''Wow'' - Moffat Magic Sauce

Alistair Hancock, Celebrity chef. 


''Wonderfully named! a relish that is perfect'' - Moffat Dollop Sauce

Rod Millington, Food and Drink News.


''Oil Extracts - a stroke of Genius''

Great British Food Magazine.


''Excellent Moffat Mustards''

Country Living.


''Delicious! Very Fine and tasty'' - Honey and Malt Whisky Mustard

Le Matin.


''This oil's hot stuff'' - Spicy Mustard Seed Oil

"I" Newspaper. 


''A unique range of products''

Rod Millington, Food and Drink News.


''Uncle Roy's condiments sure do cut the mustard!''

The Sunday Post. 


''Your mini flavoured oils and your flower, herb and seed seasonings are fabulous''

Zoe Jackson, Head of Buying, Jamie Oliver.


''The whole is so much more than the sum of its parts - they're delish!'' - Oak Smokies-Red and Green Peppers

Cook Vegetarian.


''Novel and exciting'' -"Eat Me!" Edible Flower Petals

Flower Magazine.


''Great with Steak but even better with fish''  - Peppercorn Mustard

The Independent.

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